A third of children in Birmingham living in poverty.

Ladywood, BirminghamThe Birmingham Mail this week had an article on the work of the Princes Trust in one of the most deprived areas of the country, Ladywood in Birmingham.  It highlights that growing inequality is creating a ‘youth underclass’, without skills or aspiration they need to free themselves from poverty.

MORE than one in three children in Birmingham are living in poverty with thousands believing they will never achieve their goals in life.

A new, disturbing report from youth charity The Prince’s Trust revealed that in Ladywood alone around 49 per cent of youngsters lived in poverty – one of the highest figures in the UK.

It highlighted the growing gap between the city’s richest and poorest with one in ten young people believing they will “end up on benefits for at least part of their lives” and 17 per cent feeling that “few” or “none” of their goals in life were achievable with those growing up in poverty more likely to feel that way.

Kathy Williams, regional director for The Prince’s Trust, said: “The aspiration gap between Birmingham’s richest and poorest young people is creating a ‘youth underclass’ – who tragically feel they have a bleak future.

“We simply cannot ignore this inequality. The Prince’s Trust is helping the city’s most disadvantaged young people build the skills, self-esteem and aspirations they need to free themselves from a life of poverty and unemployment.”

The full Birmingham Mail article can be read here.  The Prince’s Trust website can be found here.
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