An Evening with Danny Dorling – Weds 9th May at 6.30pm

Please do come to the Birmingham & Midland Institute to hear Professor Danny Dorling talk about income inequality on Wednesday 9th May at 6.30pm.   It will be a great opportunity to understand how income inequality affects us all and ask questions.  The evening is free; however because of this, places are limited so please do register here to reserve your place.

A highly acclaimed expert in the study of social inequalities,  Professor Danny Dorling has researched and written extensively about issues relating to inequality.  In his hard-hitting book, Injustice, Professor Dorling detailed the five new tenets of injustice: ‘elitism is efficient’; ‘exclusion is necessary’; ‘prejudice is natural’; ‘greed is good’ and ‘despair is inevitable’.  His forensic examination of each of these demonstrates how they underpin injustice in the modern world and why, if left unchallenged, these ideas continue to propagate.

His most recent book, No-Nonsense Guide to Inequality, is a wonderful exposé of how a more equal society is better for everyone.   For more about Danny Dorling, please visit his website.

We would be most grateful if you’d kindly spread the word too, please.

Leaflet Advertising Danny Dorling's forthcoming Talk

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