‘How to Build a Society That Works for Everyone’: Tomorrow at 6.30pm!

Dear all,

We are 24 hours away from Equality West Midlands’ biggest event of 2014. ‘How to Build a Society That Works for Everyone’ is taking place in the Main Meeting Room of the Priory Rooms on Bull Street in Central Birmingham TOMORROW EVENING. The debate is open to everyone free of charge (but we would appreciate any donation you can make towards the cost of the evening).

Please ensure that you are at the venue for 6pm so that the debate can start prompt at 6.30pm. Complimentary tea and coffee will be provided.  For directions to the venue, please see: http://www.theprioryrooms.co.uk/page/location

‘How to Build a Society That Works for Everyone’ will be chaired by Karen Leach and will involve Stewart Lansley, Joy Warmington and Karen Rowlingson.

Karen is the Coordinator of thinktank and consultancy Localise West Midlands, which promotes local supply chains and ownership of the economy for social justice and sustainability. She began her activism within the Friends of the Earth network, where the evident connections between inequality, consumerism and environmental limits always resonated with her.

The economist and journalist Stewart Lansley is the author of The Cost of Inequality and (with Joanna Mack) of Breadline Britain, The Rise of Mass Poverty, to be published in February by Oneworld.

Joy Warmington is CEO of brap, a human rights charity. As a nationally renowned equalities practitioner, Joy’s expertise has been sought by organisations including the Department of Health, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Department for Education, Birmingham City Council, and many others. Joy has written and co-authored over 20 books, articles, and reports on subjects as diverse as implementing organisational change, improving public sector engagement practice, and using human rights to improve service delivery. Joy is regularly asked to comment on equalities issues in the media, most recently appearing in the Economist, Daily Telegraph, and Health Service Journal in addition to numerous appearances on BBC radio and television.

Karen Rowlingson is a Professor of Social Policy in the Institute of Applied Social Studies at the University of Birmingham, as well as being Director of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM). Along with Stephen McKay, she is an author of Wealth and the Wealthy and has co-authored numerous articles for academic publications on topics connected to income inequality. In November 2012, Karen spoke to Equality West Midlands on the topic of pre-distribution vs. re-distribution.

I know today’s weather has been shockingly poor, but I hope that doesn’t deter you from coming out tomorrow. I hope to see you at the debate!


Tom Pratt (Chair, Equality West Midlands)

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